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1. What is a Fire No Objection Certificate (NOC)?
Ans: Any Person Proposing to construct a building of more than 15 meters height for commercial / business purpose, 18 meters and above height for residential purpose, and buildings of public congregation like schools, cinema halls, function halls, religious place, which are more than 500 sq. Metre in plot area or 6 meters and above in height shall apply to the Director General or any member of the service duly authorised by him in this behalf, before submission of such building plans to the authority or officer competent to approve the same under the relevant law, for the time being force, for a No Objection Certificate along with such fee as may be prescribed.

2. When can I expect an NOC to be issued after filing application?
Ans: The Director General or any member of the service duly authorized by him in this behalf, shell within 60 days of receipt of such application, on being satisfied about the provision of fire prevention and safety measures as stipulated in the [National building code of India, as amended from time to time] or any other law for the time being in force regulating such purpose or activity, shall issue a No Objection Certificate with such condition may be considered necessary and if not satisfied, reject the same for reasons to be recorded in writing.

3. What are the types of NOCs?
Ans: The following are the types of NOCs to be obtained in that order:
1.Provisional NOC
2.Occupancy NOC
3. Renewal of NOC

4. What is a Provisional NOC and how to obtain it?
Ans:Before construction, Provisional NOC is issued suggesting what all fire safety systems need to be installed. It is insisted generally by the Licensing Authorities. Eg- Single window, Municipal Authorities etc. Applicant should submit the Covering Letter, building plans, Challans and checklists wherever necessary.

5. What is a Occupancy NOC and how to obtain it?
Ans:Once the construction is completed, Occupancy NOC should be obtained. Inspection will be done to check whether the fire safety systems suggested in the Provisional NOC are installed or not. Once Provisional NOC is obtained and the building is ready to occupy, the applicant should obtain Occupancy NOC by submitting Covering Letter, building plans, a Copy of the Provisional NOC and User Charges.
6.What is Renewal of NOC and how to obtain it?
Ans:Once Occupancy is obtained, every year the NOC has to be renewed. Inspection will be done whether the installed fire safety systems are maintained well. Renewal of NOC is mandatory every year starting with the expiry of one year of obtaining Occupancy NOC. Applicant should submit Covering Letter, Challan and a Copy of the Occupancy NOC/Renewal Certificate whichever is latest.

7. What is a Fire Attendance Certificate (FAC) and how to obtain it?
Ans:When any building is involved in Fire accident and was attended to by the Fire Department to extinguish the fire and related rescue operations, the concerned person/institution may apply for a Fire Attendance Certificate in their nearest Fire Station. Such a FAC may be useful in insurance processing or any other purpose the applicant may deem fit.

8. How to obtain a Fire Standby Vehicle for an event?
Ans:Fire vehicle standby can be requested by any citizen for private functions. Standby will be provided on payment of standby charges as per government rules from time to time subject to availability of fire vehicle.